All these come from 2002. They were originally mailed out on a daily basis to a select list (basically everyone I knew on e-mail at the time) and done as an excuse to keep my skills sharp while looking for a job. They range from hideously out of date topical crap (although I welcome the return of Peter fucking Andre to the wonderful world of 'celebrity') to eternally stupid mini arcs done from random thoughts/sketchbook writing.

The main two guys are Craig and Jeff, with appearances from Crying Dog, Justice Cat, SuperBeing, Justice Pig and Brian Blessed, plus a host of other crap doodles/famous faces I scavved from GIS.

All of them are scanned drawings/found images composited in Photoshop with a little Poser here and there. Place your pointer over the thumbnails and press the mouse in the direction of Hell. Enjoy!

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